Environmental Impact



Project is a ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE PLANT and shall create no pollution to the environment. The process has been specifically developed to treat effluent from a alcohol plant i.e. spent wash comprising of steps such as decantation, evaporation and subsequent drying in the steam tube bundle dryer to produce protein rich ‘DDGS’ used as food for Cattles, Poultry & Aquaculture. The condensate water is treated in a most advanced technology mainly consisting of air/steam strippers followed by combination of Ultrafiltration - Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Ozonation & Ultraviolet system. The Process condensate thus treated shall be completely recycled back into the process & utilities. It is a must to ensure that the quality of treated condensate is as good as fresh water else the overall process would be disturbed. Other waste waters from Boiler, Cooling tower, Floor washing & water treatment plant rejects are treated in ‘Rejects Recycling Plant’ & shall be used for Ash quenching. The ash generated by burning Coal in Boiler shall be used for Brick making in future. The Boiler is provided with necessary equipments such as electrostatic precipitator to arrest particulate matter emission in air. The CO2 generated in fermenter is being scrubbed so as to avoid any odour nuisance. The overall plant has been designed to ensure compliance to world-class environment norms for all sorts of Pollution parameters.

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