Donation of borewell to local community for clean drinking water. 

PRO industries has donated a bore well to the local community as part of their local CSR to surrounding village near the project site. The community had no clean drinking water previous to this and this is the first bore well that has been donated in that region. PRO strongly believes in the optimisation of current systems and the power of community in doing so.

Main Sponsor


PRO Industries ltd is the main partner of youth led, not- for- profit campaign Stop The B to help bring awareness on bullying amongst youth all around the world. The campaign aims to empower people to break free from peer pressure and the stigma attached to speaking out against bullying and help bring the situation to an end. Whether you are a victim or a bystander, the campaign aims to educate, empower and bring awareness on recognizing the dynamics of bullying online and offline, and asks GenZ to speak out and stand up against Bullying, whenever they see or hear it.

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