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We are the Leader In Ethanol Business

About The Chairman

Pankaj Oswal is an Indian businessperson with extensive experience operating major companies, projects and numerous business interests across the globe. Pankaj Oswal has had extensive experience operating major companies globally and one of the biggest projects in Australia where he was at forefront of innovation in the Australian raw materials sector in India and Australia emphasizing the development of domestic downstream production to positively shift the tide of Australia’s terms of trade trends. He was the sole founder and successful in the establishment of the Burrup Peninsula Ammonia plant where he was the chairman and managing director. The Burrup Peninsula Ammonia plant changed the Australian economy from being a net importer to being a net exporter of ammonia. It is till date considered the largest ammonia plant in the world. Pankaj Oswal’s business and community leadership led him to be recognized by both Ernst & Young and 40under40 as recipients of major awards and he was awarded the Ernest & Young 2009 Best Young Entrepreneur award and was a winner of the 40 under 40 Outstanding Businessperson awards. These awards are evidence of Pankaj Oswal’s foresight and vision in achieving results for businesses, economies and communities.

Pankaj Oswal

Chairman of the company

Vasundhara is the Executive Director of the PRO Industries Ethanol project in Africa. Having graduated from Business school in Switzerland, with a degree in financial management with honours - Vasundhara is in charge of managing the entire team and financial operations of the project. She overlooks daily aspects of the plant - be it from the plant’s operational activities to HR & Finance.

Vasundhara Oswal

Executive Director, Main point of contact

25 years of experience

Our Mission

To create opportunities for the agricultural sector/farmers by processing their resources into more valuable products by employing latest environment friendly technologies & create sustainable eco-system beneficial to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s leading producers of High quality Ethanol Products to be utilized in multitude of Industries by engaging local skills with most compliant environment friendly practices & technologies.

Our Strategies

Our determination and dedication define our strategy, which is to plan and utilize all the latest and most efficient technology along with manpower to achieve our sustainable goals of Ethanol production while also proving to be a game-changer in this sector.



Oswal Group Global evolved out of Oswal Group India was formally established in India in the year 1912. Oswal Group Global is now a worldwide multibillion dollars enterprise and has several business units which comprises of, Petrochemical, Fertilizers and other chemicals Globally, Trading and Project Management in Dubai, Aviation business, & Real Estate In Switzerland, Europe and Australia. PRO INDUSTRIES PTE LTD., an Oswal Group Global holding company, *has 2 industrial units* -1 a 120,000 litres per day (120KLPD) and in phase-2 250,000 litres per day(250KLPD plant and per day state-of-the-art Potable Alcohol plant a day plant and 30,000 litres per day (30KLPD) Fuel Ethanol Plant in Africa by 2024 with an investment of more than $75-100m USD. The combined 350KLPD plant will make PRO the largest ethanol producer in Africa. The Alcohol products are proposed to be sold in Asian, European & African Markets. This plant encompasses an unique technology for 100% recycle of waste i.e Zero Liquid Discharge.

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